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Wikidata 101: An Introduction


About this course

Wikidata is emerging as a pivotal hub in the web of data. It contains over 110 million Items and is currently the most active of all the Wikimedia projects. However, contributing to Wikidata can be challenging for beginners. This course guides learners through 5 chapters, exploring the knowledgebase, queries, open data, and the semantic web. You'll gain insight into Wikidata's operations and foundational principles before diving into making your first contributions.

You will learn how to create new Items on Wikidata, determine which topics are allowed on Wikidata, and understand measures taken to ensure data quality. Additionally, you'll explore how to reuse data from Wikidata and engage with a community of several thousand volunteers.

The first edition of this English version of the MOOC took place in April 2024. Learn more about the course description, content, and schedule for future iterations at Wikidata:Open Online Course.


This MOOC was originally developed in French by Wikimedia France with financial support from Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE). It was later updated and translated into English by WMDE's software communication team.

Course Staff Image #1 A part of the Wikidata MOOC team during the filming of videos at the Wikimedia France offices on Martel Street in Paris.

Contributors to the original French MOOC include

  • Mathieu Denel, education mission manager at Wikimedia France
  • Michaël Barbereau, systems and networks administrator at Wikimedia France
  • Sarah Krichen, communication manager at Wikimedia France
  • Cédric Tarbouriech/Lepticed, for his intervention on the ontology chapter
  • Léa Lacroix, from the software department at Wikimedia Deutschland
  • Rémi Jouan, a volunteer in Wikimedia projects and early supporter
  • Hugo Lopez, Wikimedian in residence at URFIST Toulouse
  • Aude Mugnier, consultant and trainer, who intervened on the video scripts and part of the content explaining how Wikidata works
  • Videos filmed and produced by Elan Films, based on scripts co-written by Amélie Charles and each person appearing in the video
  • Music composed by Julien Perrot, IzaKProd