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Safety for Grant Recipients


About This Course

So, you’ve received a Grant! Congratulations! We wish you all the success in furthering the Wikimedia mission.

Before you move forward, have you thought about potential safety and security implications of your project? Engaging with Wikimedia projects and the wider movement differs significantly depending on who you are, what jurisdiction you are based in, what community you are working with, the nature of the project, the topic you are tackling and so on. To ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved it is helpful to reflect on what could go wrong…and what you can do about it.

By the end of this course will:

  • Gain awareness about some challenges of participating in the Wikimedia movement in different parts of the world and learn to think about your project in context
  • Learn about the holistic approach to security
  • Know where to find resources and learn more about safety and security when implementing a project
  • Be able to make a “risk analysis” which will help you think about worst case scenarios and take needed action to minimize damage if those happen