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[Kenya] Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom

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About This Course

“Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom” is a professional training program that helps teachers understand and leverage Wikipedia as a learning tool by connecting it to the components of UNESCO’s Media and Information Literacy framework. Learn vital media and information literacy skills for the 21st century, including: understanding how information is produced, how to access and evaluate content online, and how to understand biases and knowledge gaps. This training program also addresses key topics of interest for teachers such as how to keep students safe online, and how to equip them to face the various forms of disinformation and misinformation online.



Course Staff

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Wikimedia Foundation Education Team

We believe Wikipedia belongs in education. When students of all ages contribute to Wikimedia projects as part of their learning, they gain significant 21st century skills. By fostering a relationship between Education and the Wikimedia movement, we have the best chance to realize our goal that the sum of all knowledge will be accessible to everyone in the world for free.

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